Wednesday, January 29, 1986

The Bunker Hill Armistice Day Parade - 1918

Armistice Day, 1918, a joyful occasion and the townspeople of Bunker Hill celebrated the ending of the "War to end all wars".  

Pictured are Bill Baker and Otto Brummer, who drove this flag-draped truck in an Armistice Day Parade.

While that day is gone and all but forgotten, it can be relived from the pictures taken that day.  They are the property of Mrs. Carl (Vivian) Roberts of Gillespie who was a young girl at the time.  She does not remember who took the pictures but that she did not for she wanted to be beside her mother, who was honored that day as one of the two leaders of the local Red Cross group.

The Red Cross workers gathered on Washington Street for their photograph.  Mrs. Thomas Baker and Mrs. Ed Campbell wore the red headgear because they were the local Red Cross leaders.  

Mrs. Roberts thought that some local residents might remember some of the people pictured and get enjoyment from them.  Most of her family pictures were lost in the two tornadoes, 1930 and 1948 which struck Bunker Hill.  Most of their pictures were lost at that time.


The Baker residence (Mrs. Roberts maiden name was Baker and she was a sister to "Bill" and "Tommy" Baker) was located on South Washington, and after the second tornado, the location was given to Thomas Baker, who built the Sharon Theater there and which is now the location of Bunker Hill Auto Parts.

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