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Bunker Hill Preserves Past with New Museum

Pictured: Bunker Hill Historical Society Museum - 114 East Warren St.

This article was printed in the Alton Telegraph in October 1999

BUNKER HILL --  People can get a glimpse into the history of Bunker Hill at a new museum that opens this month.

    Charter members of the Bunker Hill Historical Society celebrated the opening of their new history museum on Oct. 9 during the Bunker Hill Octoberfest.  The museum, located at 114 E. Warren St, is open each Saturday from 10:00 AM to noon.  The city of Bunker Hill donated the building to the Historical Society.  The building was at one time the City Hall headquarters.

    The building was renovated after a $20,000 donation was made by a local resident through the American Association of Retired Persons.

    According to Bunker Hill Historical Society President Eldon Duelm, the Historical Society incorporated in late February and began its charter year on April 1.

Pictured: Members of the Bunker Hill Historical Society are surrounded by memoralia at the new museum.  Members include front row: Marian Whitfield, curator; Betty Zarges, Carolyn Scroggins, Thelma Roberts, treasurer.  Back row: Bonnie Hopkins, secretary; Eldon Duelm, president, Mary Lawton and Carl Stanton. --Photo credit: For the Telegraph, Keith Wedoe

    He said anyone can make his own little piece of history by becoming a charter member.  In order to become a charter member of the Historical Society, people may contact one of the members and pay $5.00 by March 30, 2000.

    "We're looking for a commitment," said Duelm.  "We're dealing with history and 50 years from now it will be important to say you were a charter member."

    Currently the museum is displaying memorabilia of two well-known doctors.  Items of Dr. Robert Bley and Dr. George Hess are being displayed on loan from Mrs. George Hess..

    Duelm said the museum is displaying a doctor's bag, exam chair, a cabinet with medical tools and medical license.

    Also on display at the museum are a hand made rocking chair form the early 1800's loaned by Lucille Mize and some turn-of-the-century baseball uniforms from the Bunker Hill Military Academy.

    The museum will be open at special hours on Veteran's Day, Nov. 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Duelm said that in November the museum would emphasize military memorabilia.  In December, Christmas items will be displayed

    He said anyone who would like to display items at the museum or who would like to become a charter member can contact Carolyn Scroggins at (618) 585-4847; Carl Stanton at (618) 585-3152; Thelma Roberts at (618) 585-4692; or Duelm at (618) 585-3139.

    People who wish to join the Historical Society may also send their name, address and $5.00 to: Bunker Hill Historical Society, P.O. Box 12, Bunker Hill, IL  62014.

    Duelm said there are approximately 150 charter members of the Bunker Hill Historical Society.

NOTE: Original board members were:
  • Elden Duelm, President
  • Bonnie Hopkins, Secretary
  • Thelma Roberts, Treasurer
  • Marian Whitfield, Curator
  • Betty Zarges
  • Carolyn Scroggins
  • Mary Lawton
  • Carl Stanton  
Today, Betty Zarges and Thelma Roberts are still on the board

Pictured. Bunker Hill Historical Society Board Members - June 2010*
Left to right are board members of the Bunker Hill Historical Society: Liz Wieseman, Bonna Hopkins, Carolyn Scroggins, Betty Zarges, Carlos Arzuagas, Carole Bierbaum, Mary Lawton, and President Marty Lane.  Not pictured is Bill Wilkinson.

Bunker Hill Historical Society Officers and Board members
March 2020
  • Marty Lane, President
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Carlos Arzuagas, Secretary
  • Liz Wieseman, Treasurer
  • Senior Archivist:  Vacant
  • Betty Zarges
  • Thelma Roberts
  • Glenna Hopper
  • Sharon Rhodes.

Bunker Hill Historical Society and Museum will open for the season, March 7;
Hours for the Museum are:
Saturday, 10:00 A.M. until Noon

For visits anytime, Please Call 618-585-4718.   

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