Thursday, September 18, 2014

Miss Edna Bauser - The Youngest Postmaster

March 29, 1940: An open competitive examination to fill the vacancy in the position of Postmaster in this city has been announced by the United States civil Service Commissioner at the request of the Postmaster General.  Mr. E. A. Bauser has been Postmaster here for the past three and a half years, retiring recently due to ill health.  Miss Edna Bauser has been acting Postmaster since her father's retirement.

October 10, 1940: Miss Edna Bauser received telegrams earlier this week from Senators James M. Slatterly and Scott W. Lucus stating her appointment as Postmaster at Bunker Hill has been confirmed by the Senate.  Miss Bauser, 22, is one of the youngest postmasters in the United States.

--Cite this story: Stanton, Carl, ed. Bunker Hill Revisited: From the Files of The Bunker Hill Gazette and The Bunker Hill News. 1920-1940 ed. Vol. 6. Bunker Hill: Stanton, 2006. 234, 242. Provided by the Bunker Hill IL Historical Society.

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