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Francis Lancaster - A Portrait and Biographical Record

Info provided by Portrait and Biographical Record of Macoupin County, 1891

Mr. Lancaster was among the British-American citizens of Macoupin County.  He was a successful, practical farmer, and progressive stock raiser, who lived on a fine farm in Bunker Hill Township.  The tract was comprised of 800 acres, most of which was in a fine state of improvement.  He had owned and lived on the homestead since 1848, and procured most of the land when it was in its unbroken state.

Mr. Lancaster came to the United States in 1841, voyaging on a three mast sailor, the "Ontario", landing in New York City, March 7.  Three years later, he was able to send for his wife and children, whom he had left at the old home.

Our subject was born August 7, 1813, in Buckinghamshire, England.  His father was Joseph Lancaster, a brick maker and fruit dealer by occupation.  His mother was Harriet (Daveny) Lancaster.  She became the mother of 14 children, and four of her sons came to the United States.

After he became of age, he married Miss Elizabeth Collins, who was born in 1812 in the same shire.  He learned the trade of brick making.  She was the mother of 10 children.  Frank married Miss Caroline Hooker; William married Miss Mary Hovey; Elizabeth married Mr. Henry Wise; Mary married Mr. Asoph Barnes; John married Miss Hannah Parmenter; Matilda married Mr. Joseph Barnes; and Joseph married Miss Mary Parmenter.  Harriet and Albert passed away when young and an infant passed away unnamed.

This valuable family stood high in social and industrial circles of Macoupin County .  Its members did much to develop the resources of the section of the country.

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