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The Liberty (Benner) School #166

Pictured: Liberty (Benner) School #166

     The Liberty (Benner) School was near the Benner/Woodburn Presbyterian Church.  Today, it is on the Huette Road in Section 29 of Bunker Hill Township.

Pictured: Map of Bunker Hill's Country Schools


Pictured: Alice Barnes Classroom
Class List: First Row: (l-r)Nellie Thomae, Chester Thomae
2nd Row: Pearl Fenstermann, Susie Wood, Viola Huette, Edith Dingerson, Harry Marth, Ben Jones
3rd Row: Etta Jones, Lena Scheldt, Edna Thomae, Myrtle Dingerson, Bert Huette (in front), Roy Brenker, Ireane Dingerson.
4th Row: Ida Wood, Clara Huette, Martha Wood, Rose Huette
Last Row: Emma Gabriel, Ethel Wood, and teacher Alice Barnes.
--Submitted by Violet Wiemers

    In 1909, there were 33 students and the teacher was Alice D. Barnes; her salary was $37.50 per month.  The salary jumped to $70 per month on 1925.  The library contained 103 books.    

Pictured: Liberty School Class Photo: 1921-1922
Class List: Front Row- Jessie Johnson Partridge, Clara Buhs Duelm, Laura Dingerson Snedeker, Dorothy Johnson Breitwiser, Joe Johnson
2nd Row: Ethel Dingerson Hendrickson, Mildred Johnson Shelton, Mildred Walter Crowder, Ruth Hallows Marth, Velma Buhs Cochran, Evelyn Bott.
3rd Row: Cordelia Hallows Heal, Jessie Scheldt Fensterman, Edgar Eddington, Alfred Buhs, Lenora Bott (teacher)
--Submitted by Ruth Marth   

    Mrs. Mildred Pullen taught from 1944 to 1947.  Her salary was $150 per month.  The school then had a piano, radio, art equipment, maps, glove, and linen window shades.

    Some of the families who attended the school were: Wood, Heutte [sic], James, Brenker, Gabriel, Partridge, Johnson, and Buhs.  Many more families attended during the years.

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