Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Millville School #163

Pictured: Millville School #163
Teacher Gertrude Love pictured on the right, along with her sister and cousin.

    Millville School was located in the area of Mansholt Road and North East Streets in Section 12 of Bunker Hill Township.

    In 1911, teacher Gertrude Love made $40/month and had 22 students.  In 1920, the schools was listed as a brick building with six windows.  The students had new desks and sold buttons at 10 cents each to buy books for the new library.

Pictured: Map of Bunker Hill area Country Schools

    Some of the many families that attended Millville Schools through the years were Rose, Farris, Keirle, Gosch, Rull, and Acuncius.

Millville School was sold July 8, 1950 to LaVerne Gosch and used for a home.

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