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The "Not So Warm" Welcome of President Andrew Johnson

Pictured: Big Four Depot

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From the Bunker Hill Union Gazette September 14, 1866

President Andrew Johnson Hooted During Train Stop in Bunker Hill

    Quite a large collection of people were at the depot on the arrival of the special train at 9:40 on Monday morning.  Bunker Hill, true to her instincts and past record, offered no insult to President Johnson and only showing their abhorrence of him by their prolonged cheers for General Grant and Admiral Farragut (with Lincoln's assassination, Vice President Andrew Johnson became President).

    The President of the United States, Andrew Johnson, was introduced by John Hogan; three cheers were given which he acknowledge [Sic] by taking off his hat and was about to leave with us the Constitution and the Stars and Stripes, when a gentleman proposed three cheers for General Grant, three cheers for Admiral Farragut, and three cheers for the Congress.  President Johnson again attempted to speak, but the cries for Grant compelled him to forgo.

Mr. Hogan proposed three cheers for the Thirty-Six States, which were given and then someone fired a pistol in the crowd, which disturbed the nerves of the party.  The train moved off and, as far as the eye could reach, the humble individual with hat in hand was bowing to the right and left, poor President Johnson.  We sympathize with Grant and Farragut in their forced company.

Pictured: The Big Four Depot (circa 1939)

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