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The Civil War Soldier's Memorial - 1869

The Civil War Soldier's Memorial - 1869
A monument to Civil War Soldiers was erected in the Bunker Hill Cemetery in 1866 at great expense to local contributors and was highly prized for many years.  It was the scene of patriotic memorial programs, including this one photographed in May 1869.  
Identity of some were noted by numbers, barely visible, on the individuals:
1)E. W. Hayes; 
2)Dr. Brother; 
3)W. O. Jencks; 
4)James True; 
5)James Feeney; 
6)James McPherson; 
7)Sam Smith; 
8)John Brandenburger; 
9)Clark Burton; 
11)John Knibb; 
12)Hans Hansen; 
14)Mr. Eagleson; 
15)John Hayes.  
Photo from the collection of Frances Stadelman

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--Provided by The Bunker Hill IL Historical Society.

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