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Bunker Hill's Memorial Flagpole


Pictured: Bunker Hill's Memorial Flagpole

Gazette-News: February 10, 1955

    The Legion committee in charge of erecting a Memorial Flagpole on the main street announced this week that htey [sic] are short of the required amount to complete the job by $261.91.

    The bids for the job are all in and a contractor for the erection of it was awarded to Joe Briskovich on a bid of $349.00.  Further cost will include $15.00 for an 8 x 12 flag, $597.00 for the flagpole, $75.00 for a bronze plaque, and $60.00 for freight.  Total contributions to date are $879.09.

    The flagpole itself will be a 35 foot tapered aluminum job with equipoise tilting unit.  A 24" wingspan gold leaf eagle atop the pole and a copper weather-vane.  There will be an aluminum ball bearing revolving truck for the flag.

Pictured: Bunker Hill's Memorial Flagpole

    This is a final appeal for funds by the committee.  Anyone who still has not donated and wishes to may still do so, anyone who cares to donate more than he already has may still do so.  The memorial will be one the city can be proud of.  It will be dedicated to those who served their country in all wars and to those who gave the supreme sacrifice.  Bunker Hill has its full share of both and can be well proud of both.

Pictured: Present day Bunker Hill Memorial Flagpole

Gazette-News: June 2, 1955

    Workman finished the job of installing the Memorial Flagpole last Thursday afternoon and the flag was flying from the pole on Friday.  Bill Wise, chairman of the committee, informs us that donations are still needed in spite of a total of $1,003.09 received.

The bronze plaques reads:

 IN MEMORY of those who served our country.

Erected in 1955.

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