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History of the Bunker Hill Cemetery


Pictured: 1893 Map of Cemeteries around Bunker Hill

    The Bunker Hill Cemetery is located on East Warren Street three blocks from the intersection of Route 112 (now 159).  It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Macoupin County.

    This cemetery was first laid out by Moses True who donated a small plot of ground in 1840.  The cemetery is divided into three additions.  The first addition is on the north side of the creek that runs through the land and is in Section 23.  The second addition is in Section 24 and is on the south side of the creek.  The third addition is in Section 23.  In the north east corner of the first addition is a Potters Burial Ground.

    On June 13, 1852 citizens of Bunker Hill assembled for the purpose of organizing an association to purchase or hold in trust lands for a burying ground.  On June 16, 1852, a second meeting was held.  An election of officers was in order which resulted in electing the following: E. Howell, Chairman, I.A. Pettingill, Secretary, I.A. Delano, Treasurer, C.D. March, Trustee, I.A. Pettingill, Trustee, and J. Pierson, Trustee.

Pictured: Moses True - Bunker Hill's Co-Founder

  On July 21, 1853 Moses True deeded 3.15 acres of land to the Bunker Hill Cemetery Association.  In October 1867, the first addition was made to the Bunker Hill Cemetery by Noah H. Flanigan.  In November 1899, a third addition was made to the Bunker Hill Cemetery by Judeth McPherson.

    In 1909, the old rail fence was taken down and replaced by an iron fence which extends across the north side of the cemetery.


Pictured: The Soldiers Monument in Bunker Hill Cemetery (pre-1938 tornado)

    There are many veterans buried in the cemetery from all of the wars.  There are two Confederate veterans and five black veterans from the Civil War.

    The oldest grave in the cemetery is that of Mrs. William H. Smith, sister of Moses True, who died in 1840 in St  Louis, Mo.

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