Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Old Huber Opera House

Photo: Huber Opera House
    Andrew Huber had the grand opening of his Clothier and Dry Good Store on Saturday, November 11, 1882 in the Huber Opera House.  He carried clothing, boots and shoes, groceries, glassware, carpet, and many other items.

Pictured: Huber Opera House Advertisement

    As early as 1891, the Bunker hill High School graduation exercises were held there and continued on through the 1930's.

    In 1921, William Fahrenkrog bought the Huber Opera House and renamed it to the Bunker Hill Opera House.  It was remodeled and used as a movie theater, being called the Lincoln Theater.  Upstairs was a gymnasium and it was called Lincoln Hall.  Helen (Fahrenkrog) Teakert played the piano for the Lincoln Theater.  There were other businesses in the Opera House such as a drug store, pool hall, barber shop, and a jewelry store.

    During the 1948 tornado, the second story was blown off.  This building was occupied by Behrens Drug Store for many years.  Today it is the home of Thru a Lens Photography.
Photo: March 19, 1948 Tornado damage.

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