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1901-Civil War Veterans - Bunker Hill IL GAR Chapter

This group of Civil War Veterans was part of the Bunker Hill IL GAR Chapter and was photographed September 27, 1901.  There are two sets of identification where the picture appeared in newspapers at different dates, however we believe the first listed here is correct.  The names were for the most part prominent in Bunker Hill in the post-war period.  They were photographed in front of Jenck's Livery Stable.  

Pictured from left to right:
Top row: A. H. Bastian, Wm. Neil, W.W. Goodall, G. R. Sutton, P. J. Marks, E. W. Hayes, R. O. Wood, John Brandenberger, Samuel Smith, Joseph Ward, P. Wiegand, Jacob Scheldt, Peter Jacobi, Phillip Simmermaker, J. P. Dove, Henry Schoeneman, Fred Haman, George Morrison.
Bottom Row: John C. Hayes, Fred Dabel, John P. Mcpherson, August Kardell, W. O. Jencks, John Gillies, Abraham Scherfy, E. S. Williams, Pete Thielen.

The other version:
Top row: Bastian (the barber), William Neil, William Goodall, Dr. Milton, E. W. Hayes, Sam Smith, Brandenberger, John Ward, William Hill, Zimmermaker, Charles Apple, and Tom Woods.
 Bottom row: Capt. Wheeler, Mr. Dabel, John Mcpherson, Tom Sanders, Squire Jencks, Papy Ellis, John Sherfey, Capt. West, and Buck Pete.

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--Provided by the Bunker Hill Historical Society

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